This page contains the most current information related to the governance and internal workings of the unofficial mfers community.

The unofficial mfers governance mechanism is a constantly evolving and self-improving social machine - think ants! This is not our final form...

We're a bottom-up effort, so please share any feedback points or ideas with the community! Welcome to the movement, mfer.


The unofficial mfers community treasury is a Gnosis-safe multi-sig secured by the following signers:

The treasury address is located on the Ethereum mainnet at:


Three use-specific subdomains exist under unofficialmfers.eth. Each sub-domain is also connected to a Gnosis safe multi-sig with three signers each.

proposal process

When taking actions such as transacting with the community multi-sig or altering core governance processes, a proposal is required to outline the action to take and the plan on how to execute it.

There are currently five steps in the unofficial mfers proposal pipeline:

  1. proposal submission

    A proposal is submitted to the treasury via the intake form here and considered on a basis it is not damaging and the action makes sense for the unofficial mfers to take at the time.

  2. discussion

    If accepted, the proposal is presented to the community for discussion in the unofficial mfers discord via a dedicated proposal thread.

  3. soft pass vote

    The project lead for the proposal decides when to begin the soft pass vote in the unofficial mfers discord. The soft pass will run for a period of 48 hours.

    A successful soft pass requires a minimum of 125 Yes votes with a 75% threshold of participating voters choosing Yes (soft pass votes are anonymous).

  4. snapshot vote

    After achieving a successful soft-pass the proposal will be posted to Snapshot for a token-weighted vote (1 mfer = 1 vote).

    The Snapshot vote will run for a period of 72 hours. If the Snapshot vote reaches a majority vote within the voting timeframe, the action outlined in the proposal is executed.

  5. funding

    If the action involves any transactions using the community treasury, or its sub-treasuries, the signers securing those multi-sigs shall execute those transactions for funding.


The unofficial mfers SnapShot space is where we vote on important community proposals! It's located at: